What is the OnePrice?

At Planet on the Parkway, we give you our best price on every vehicle, every day.  You get our bottom-line OnePrice, without having to haggle or play any of the games that traditional dealers play.

How does Planet on the Parkway make car buying better?

Some of the advantages of this approach are:
  • Save Money- To be successful with OnePrice, you have to be willing to offer a very low price up front, otherwise your competition just undercuts you.  We have increased sales due to our willingness to give you a great price up front, and make up the lower profit per vehicle with increased unit volume.

  • No Games- We don't have fake "Sales" every month.  Have you ever noticed how many dealers make the claim every month that "Now is the best month to buy!"?  If they make that claim 12 months a year, aren't they wrong for 11?

  • No Worry-  Stop worrying that your neighbor got a better deal than you, and stop worrying that you'll miss a "sale".  Every one pays the same low price at Planet on the Parkway, every day.

  • Build Trust-  We want to have you as a customer for life, not just sell you one vehicle.  Therefore, it's critical to start the relationship off right, and we feel that giving you an upfront, enjoyable buying experience greatly increases the likelihood that you will return for your service needs, as well as your next vehicle purchase.


2100 Vestal Parkway East
Directions Vestal, NY 13850

  • Sales: 607-584-5354
  • Service: 607-754-2050
  • Parts: 877-272-7205